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Exit Planning in 2024’s Shifting Markets

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For business owners thinking about their future exit, 2024 brings a lot to consider. Cooling M&A markets, uncertain interest rates, and increasingly picky buyers lead to questions about market valuations. But some economic indicators present reasons for optimism, and buyers still sit on record levels of cash. And, family-owned businesses face some tax changes rapidly approaching that they cannot ignore. Business owners should join the NAVIX team as we unpack the latest market news, whether you’re an owner considering a future sale of the company, planning on family succession, or just want to know how to maximize the value of your company.

Webinar Presenters:

Patrick Ungashick
CEO, NAVIX Consultants

Chris Rowen

Chris Rowen
Partner at NAVIX Consultants

Trey Prophater

Trey Prophater
Partner at NAVIX Consultants

Michael Murray
Lead Advisor

- Exit Planning in 2024’s Shifting Markets -

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