Exploring Exit Planning for Family-Owned Businesses

Fair is Not Equal and Equal is Not Fair - Exploring those unique issues within family businesses

Presenter: Trey Prophater - NAVIX Consultants   |   Topic: "Passer" Strategy - Passing Your Business to Family
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Owners of family-owned and led companies face a unique set of issues when preparing for exit. One of those challenges is how to treat all family members fairly, even though different family members are not as equally involved with the company. In these situations, treating everybody equally may be the least fair solution.
This webinar explores those unique issues within family businesses, and presents solutions on how to balance the business's needs with family interests, so that ultimately a successful exit is achieved.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why keeping the business within the family can be so difficult
  • Issues that arise when some children work in the company and some do not
  • Ideas and tactics for creating a balanced approach, treating all family members fairly (but not equally)

"Fair is Not Equal and Equal is Not Fair"