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Selling my Business to an Outside Buyer – My Journey

About this Webinar


Join us in our “Hear it from Our Clients” series this month for a 30-minute conversation between NAVIX CEO Patrick Ungashick and John Mischler from Surgical Insight for an insider look as they discuss John’s exit planning process of selling his company to an outside buyer.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Find out about the goals and the challenges desired and tackled respectively
  • Learn why, as this case demonstrates, it is beneficial to have an exit planner on your side to help you save wasted time due to poor valuation
  • Understand why it’s critical to have the right agreements to avoid unwanted results

Webinar Presenters:

Patrick Ungashick
CEO, NAVIX Consultants

John Mischler

John Mischler
Surgical Insight

- Selling my Business to an Outside Buyer – My Journey -

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