The Co-Owner's Conundrum

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Exit Plan Alignment Is Often a Conundrum for Co-Owners

Put two or more business co-owners together, and it is virtually inevitable that they will have different exit goals.

For example:

  • One co-owner wants to exit sooner; another wants to exit later.
  • One wants to sell the business; another wants to pass it down to his or her children.
  • One needs more money at exit to be happy; another needs less.
  • One wants a quick exit; another wants to stay with the company for longer.

Sometimes the different exit goals are only partially or marginally conflicting. In many situations, however, the co-owners’ different exit goals are incompatible, meaning the pursuit and fulfillment of one co-owner’s goals will undermine or block another co-owner from achieving his, or her, goals.

Your future deserves your present attention; if you are like most business owners, you have worked too hard and accomplished too much to surrender control over the eventual outcome.

Every business owner needs an exit plan.

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