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Top 25 Tactics to Maximize Your Company's Value at Exit

About this Webinar


Join the NAVIX exit planning experts for a lightning round, spending 60 seconds each on 25 ways to maximize value before selling your company or raising capital from investors. Webinar registrants will also get access to download NAVIX’s all-time most popular reference tool, the checklist of 25 Value Drivers that you can apply to your company. 

Who should attend:

  • Business owners seeking to maximize company value prior to a sale
  • Business owners contemplating a partial sale or raising money from investors
  • Business leaders seeking to buy out existing owners or partners

Webinar Presenters:

Patrick Ungashick
CEO, NAVIX Consultants

Trey Prophater

Trey Prophater
Partner at NAVIX Consultants

Chris Rowen

Chris Rowen
Partner at NAVIX Consultants

- Top 25 Tactics to Maximize Your Company's Value at Exit -

Top 25 Tactics to Maximize your Company's Value at Exit

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