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True Grit – How To Execute A Complicated Exit

About this Webinar


Enjoy a conversation with real life business owners, Mike Rowlett and Matt Oldroyd, of Womack Machine Supply located in Dallas Texas. They will discuss how they were able to:

  • Secure capital for future growth
  • Partially cash out of the company without giving up control
  • Manage and reduce the risks

All of which was accomplished in the midst of a global pandemic.

Mike and Matt will tell us all the things they wish they had done differently (as well as some of the things that they did well.)

What you'll learn: 

  • Does every deal really "die three deaths prior to closing" 
  • What the stress of selling a company looks like
  • Actions to take now if you are not selling anytime soon

Webinar Presenters:

Trey Prophater

Trey Prophater
Partner at NAVIX Consultants

Mike Rowlett

Mike Rowlett
Executive Chairman, Womack Machine Supply

Matt Oldroyd

Matt Oldroyd
Chief Executive Officer, Womack Machine Supply

- True Grit – How To Execute A Complicated Exit -

True Grit – How To Execute A Complicated Exit

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