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Over the next fifteen years, approximately 9 million Baby Boomer business owners will exit from their privately owned companies. Most of them are not prepared, and will need help.

In January of 2015, we launched the NAVIX® Consultants program. NAVIX Consultants are independent professionals who partner with our experienced team to offer exit planning services and solutions in their local markets. Consultants receive ongoing training, coaching, and support from our industry-leading team. (This is not a do-it-yourself exit planning kit.)

If you are somebody who has an interest in working with CEOs/owners to help them achieve a successful exit, we would like to speak with you. We seek individuals who are interested in becoming a NAVIX exit planning consultant, either on a full-time basis, or as an additional capability to their existing professional occupation or services.

The market need and opportunity is massive. In this specialized field, today little competition exists. Exit planning and NAVIX may be an opportunity to leverage your existing CEO/business owner relationships, increase your recurring income, and make a difference in clients’ lives.

Our candidates are likely to be:

Business coaches and consultants who are experienced working directly with CEOs/owners of profitable small to medium businesses (typically $5-$100 million in annual revenue)

Former CEOs/owners who personally have exited, and want to enter the profession of helping others achieve a happy and successful outcome

Accountants, attorneys, or investment bankers who want to diversify their service offering, or who want to enter this growing new marketplace.


Why are Owners So Unprepared
for Exit?

Watch this four-minute video about why the need to help CEO/owners get ready for exit is so great, and therefore why the market opportunity is so massive.

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Why Enter Exit Planning?


If you are passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses, and see the vast need for help in exiting their business, then you may consider a career in Exit Planning.

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Accelerate your success by leaning on NAVIX’s Client Support, Training and Marketing Assistance.

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Deep and detailed resources support your journey through a new client relationship.

Watch our informational video series to learn more about building a better exit strategy.
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