NAVIX is unique because we help navigate both exit planning and execution, getting both the owner and business ready for exit.

What is NAVIX?

NAVIX helps business owners navigate and achieve happy exits. We have learned that successful exits require planning and execution. Business owners who do not plan have fewer options and risk losing control of the process. And owners who do not execute face falling short of their goals.

The vision and inspiration behind NAVIX is founder, Patrick Ungashick. Today, NAVIX is a team of experienced and highly trained Consultants, helping business owner clients transform business value and achieve exit success.

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See What Steps You And Your Business Need To Take For Exit Success

The NAVIX Map illustrates our process to identify, anticipate, and prepare for issues that lead to a happy exit. Above the Map are the four different Exit Strategies available to business owners. Selecting your Exit Strategy reveals the course to follow along the Owner and Business Pathways, and the Checkpoints that apply to that Strategy. Each Checkpoint is a major issue or question that may need addressed to achieve a successful exit.

Sell to Outside Buyer
Sell to Inside Buyer
Pass to Family
Planned Liquidation
The NAVIX Map | The Outie Process
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The NAVIX Map | The Innie Process
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The NAVIX Map | The Passer Process
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The NAVIX Map | The Squeezer Process
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How We Work

The NAVIX team follows a dual-track process that focuses on preparing both the business and the owners for the future exit.

NAVIX is not just about planning; we also help clients execute the strategies and tactics needed to achieve their successful exit.

NAVIX clients pay a flat, no-surprise monthly retainer fee for as long as we are providing value. We strive to do work with our clients from now all the way until they happily exit.


Overview of the NAVIX Map

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What We Do

what we do

We help business owners envision and define their successful exit.

what we do

We identify tailored strategies and tactics that will overcome the obstacles and maximize the owner’s business and personal results at exit.

what we do

We act to coordinate and implement those strategies and tactics in an effective, timely, and cost-efficient manner.

The Benefits of Working With Us

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Our passion and commitment is to help owners achieve happy and successful exits. In our experience, most owners want a combination of the following outcomes when they exit:

Financial Freedom

Even if you have little desire to ever stop working, most entrepreneurs aspire to reach financial freedom, in which work is a personal choice and not a financial necessity.

The Ideal Calendar

Financial freedom creates the opportunity to do what you want, when you want and for as long as you want, whether it’s recreational activities, travel, or other business ventures.

Business Legacy

Some owners care deeply that their business continues as a standalone entity. Most want to make sure their exit does not harm key employees, strand customers, or abandon the values upon which the business was built.

Personal Peace of Mind

Most owners have given many of their prime years to their businesses. A successful exit helps to promote the opportunity for renewed family relationships and friendships.

Learn More About Our Approach

Introduction to NAVIX


Learn how NAVIX helps business owners navigate towards, and reach, happy exits.

Why We Exist at NAVIX


Closely-held business owners help make the world a better place in many ways. Don’t let your success trap you in your business. NAVIX can help you reach personal financial freedom and create a sustained business legacy.

Why Use an Exit Planner


Business owners need more than accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors to achieve happy exits. Learn the five significant benefits of working with a NAVIX Exit Planner.

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NAVIX is a team of experienced and highly trained professionals.
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