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Why Exit Does Not (and Should Not) Mean Retirement

Many people assume that when the subject of “exit” comes up with a business owner, we are discussing the owner’s retirement. This is not always true, and assuming it is true creates problems for owners, their companies, and their families.

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How Dirty Is Your Balance Sheet?

Have you ever heard the phrase "clean up the balance sheet" as part of preparing your company for sale when you exit? Well, has anybody ever adequately explained to you what a "clean" balance is, and why it matters?

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The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Are Making Right Now

By Patrick Ungashick, CEO

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Why Business Owners Don’t Like Long Vacations — and How to Change That

For many business owners, taking a multi-week vacation sounds like torture. Even if you manage to take time away from the company for an extended period, most owners are unable to fully unplug while away. You have to bring the company with you: frequent phone calls, regular emails, and a few hours’ work here or there while the rest of the family enjoys themselves.

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3 Financial Needs Business Owners Must Address to Exit Happily

The number one goal most business owners wish to achieve at exit is to reach personal financial freedom. (We define financial freedom as reaching a point where working is a personal choice, not an economic necessity.)

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