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Tax Update for Business Owners: IRS Proposes No “Clawback” on Gift Taxes

The IRS has recently proposed new regulations to resolve one of the lingering questions raised by the sweeping Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), signed into law slightly more than a year ago.

TCJA presented business owners with a number of important tax changes that impact how you do tax planning today and how you design and implement your future exit plans. (Read more on these new tax provisions, including a helpful infographic.)

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17 Signs You Might Need a ‘Partnerectomy’


Webster’s Dictionary defines a “partnerectomy” as “the procedure to remove a diseased or failing business co-owner.” Well, OK, that’s not true — it is a word that we made up.

But sometimes partnerectomies are required, regardless of the fact that the word itself is not officially recognized. Here are the symptoms to watch for to determine if you have a business partner who needs to go.

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How Much Is Your Company Worth According to Your Buy-Sell Agreement?

Here’s the story of how one business owner’s buy-sell agreement understated his company’s value by a factor of 10, and what you need to know for your own business value and exit planning.

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Why It May Seem Like Buyers Are Nuts Regarding Your Business’s Value

Recently we had a client go through a thorough and well-prepared process to sell his company. About 300 potential buyers were contacted — a mix of strategic and financial players. Here’s the preliminary breakdown:

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10 Reasons to Put Golden Handcuffs on Your Best Employees

High-performing employees are the most valuable asset in most companies. Customers, products, technology, inventory, and most other assets come and go.

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