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Are You Keeping Your Exit Plans a Secret?

Owning a business is one of the greatest pleasures and accomplishments of your life. You enjoy the freedom it has brought you, the opportunity to overcome its constant challenges, and the lifestyle it has afforded your family.

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Take the Money Home This Year! (7 Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Withdraw More Money Out of the Company Prior to Exit)

2019 in blocks

Every time a business generates an extra dollar of profit, the business’s owner has a choice to make — do you leave that money in the business to reinvest, or receive it personally and take it home?

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A Special New Year’s Gift: Our Top (Free) Stuff from 2018


During 2018, we wrote and published nearly 40 articles, about a dozen webinars, and several eBooks and white papers to help business owners better understand how to prepare for and achieve happy and successful exits.

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Why Exit Does Not (and Should Not) Mean Retirement

Many people assume that when the subject of “exit” comes up with a business owner, we are discussing the owner’s retirement. This is not always true, and assuming it is true creates problems for owners, their companies, and their families.

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How Dirty Is Your Balance Sheet?

Have you ever heard the phrase "clean up the balance sheet" as part of preparing your company for sale when you exit? Well, has anybody ever adequately explained to you what a "clean" balance is, and why it matters?

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