Are You Ready to Exit Your Business?

By: Patrick Ungashick

Are You Ready to Exit Your Business?

While many companies, their owners, and their leadership teams struggle with severe economic impacts from the COVID-19 virus, many other companies, and their owners are increasingly eager to move forward with planning their business exit. Here in the US, millions of US Baby Boomers still own companies. They are quickly reaching a point where they want a clear path to a successful exit—without waiting for another five to ten years to get there, and without having to go through yet another recession or other calamity. In response, we have several existing resources here at NAVIX to help business owners assess how ready you may be to exit, and what you should consider doing to best achieve your exit goals.

Consider the following existing resources, and then look below to learn about some new educational tools we are releasing in just the next few weeks:

EXISTING RESOURCE: “How Do You Know When It’s Time to Sell” Webinar.

When your exit strategy is to sell your company, timing the market to your advantage can make or break your exit success. This webinar was recorded a couple of years ago before the COVID-19 crisis. Still, it contains timeless guidance on why it is imperative to pay attention to market conditions when selling your company and know when your time may be near.

EXISTING RESOURCE: “Your Last Five Years” eBook 

This eBook is our most comprehensive on how to prepare for exit and our most popular free download. You will never have more time than you do right now to get ready for exit. This instructive ebook lays out the key steps to address when you want to exit within the next five years or less!

NEW! “Eager to Sell Your Company when the Market Returns?” Webinar

This brand new webinar will broadcast on Tuesday, August 25th (a recording will be available afterward). If you are a business owner planning on selling your company, join NAVIX founding partners Patrick Ungashick, Chris Rowen and Trey Prophater for this critical update and discussion around these questions:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted M&A markets?
  • What if you want to accelerate your exit timetable?
  • What must you fix in your company to be ready to sell (and what can you get away with not fixing)?
  • How do you know if your company is ready to be sold?
  • How do you know if you are ready to sell?
  • What are the biggest mistakes to avoid in your exit plans?

Click here to register for the live broadcast, or receive an email alert for when the recording will be available on-demand.

COMING SOON! “Top 10 Signs You are Not Ready to Sell Your Company” White Paper

This brand new white paper will be available for free download in the next couple of weeks. The white paper discusses ten universal signs that business owners can use to determine if they are ready to begin the sale process. Overlooking any one of these signs can lead to a significant amount of lost sale value, or derail the sale altogether. Because most business owners exit only once, it is essential to learn what is involved in getting ready to sell before you start the process—otherwise, you risk discovering half-way through that you missed something critical.

Email us at to request an advance copy of this new resource.

Since launching the NAVIX process in 2009, our national team of exit planning professionals has assisted more than 400 business owners in preparing for an exit. These owners held companies with a combined market value in excess of $2.5 billion. Our mission is to help business owners plan for and achieve successful exits. Contact us to discuss your situation and learn how we have helped other owners such as you. 

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