Cheat Sheet: 25 Ways to Make Your Company More Valuable

By: Patrick Ungashick

25 Value Drivers

Two businesses are of the same size. One sells for twice the price of the other. Why does this happen? 

It happens all the time. Take two companies from the same industry and similar size, offer them for sale, and one sells for a premium price compared to the other.  

There are factors or conditions within any businesthat will increase (or decrease) its value at sale. If you are a business owner contemplating selling your company one day, it is essential to know what conditions enhance or detract from company value. These conditions take time to implement or fully realize—sometimes several years or longer. So, the sooner you get started, the better.  

Click here to download our “25 Value Drivers” cheat sheet, to see those factors and conditions which enhance (and detract) from value in your company. 

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