Complimentary Checklist Tool – 14 Steps to Building a Business Legacy

By: Patrick Ungashick

For many business owners, creating an enduring legacy is an important goal at exit. Legacy should reflect the owner’s sense that he or she is leaving behind positive, lasting outcomes for the business and the people it impacts. But how do you create a business legacy when it is hard to measure? For this reason, many business owners struggle with getting their arms around their own legacy aspirations and feel good about their outcomes.

To help you determine your legacy we have included this complimentary 14-Step Legacy checklist tool. The following checklist is a simple exercise you and your advisors can run through to see if you have covered all the bases typically involved in fulfilling a business legacy.

By its nature, creating a legacy requires turning things over to other people, and nobody controls what will happen from there. However, as an owner, you can feel good knowing that you have made the decisions and taken the steps that will give you peace of mind that you did things right.

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