Largest Video Learning Resource on Exit Planning 

By: Patrick Ungashick


We are delighted to officially announce the largest and premier video learning resource on exit planning in the market today!

The need for owners to start with their exit plans is intensifying in the US. The aging Baby Boomer population seeking to sell their businesses may flood the market in the next ten to fifteen years, making it difficult for owners who are unprepared.

As you know, exit planning is a complex process with many factors affecting the end result. To help business owners like you, we recently expanded our online video learning library, adding nearly 50  short videos, under nine categories. Each category hosts a series of videos outlining different challenges and offering best practices to help you achieve a successful exit. We hope that this online learning resource offers solutions to issues of WHAT and WHEN are important to YOU. This video library is the largest and only resource of its kind available to business owners. It is yet another invaluable resource from NAVIX Consultants.

We encourage you to take a look at the expansion on our website and register for free.
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