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Two Terms Business Owners Must Know: The IOI and LOI

What is a QofE and Which Business Owners Need One?

What Should You Do with All Those Unsolicited Offers to Buy Your Business? (Part 3 of 3)

What Should You Do with All Those Unsolicited Offers to Buy Your Business? (Part 2)

What Should You Do with All Those Unsolicited Offers to Buy Your Business? (Part 1)

New! Our Most Popular Ebook “Your Last Five Years” Now Updated

The Leadership Hacker Podcast: Leading in the End Zone w/ Patrick Ungashick

Are You Ready to Exit Your Business?

Eight Tactics to Escape the Dark Side of Owner Dependency

The Five Years’ Fallacy: Exit Planning Facts vs Fiction

The One Exit Tactic You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

How to Avoid Getting Burned by Earn-Outs When Selling Your Company

17 Signs You Might Need a ‘Partnerectomy’

Four Tips on How to Thank Employees When You Exit

Five Reasons Why “Letting My Management Team Run the Company” is Not an Exit Strategy

Adjusted EBITDA: The Second Most Important Number to Know as You Prepare for Exit

14 Reasons Not To Share Ownership with Key Employees

What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be? (FREE White Paper)

The Five Conversations You Must Have to Prepare for Exit

You Wouldn’t Sell to Just One Customer at a Time, So Why Sell Your Company That Way?

Why Reaching Financial Freedom at Exit is Absolutely Essential – And How to Get There

When Apple Lost $10 Billion…And What It Means for You

In Family-Owned Businesses, Equal is Not Fair and Fair is Not Equal

Cheat Sheet: 25 Ways to Make Your Company More Valuable

The Three Laws of Legacy Teaser

Why Your Company’s Profitability is Not the Same as Exitability

Why a Buyer’s Motives Determine Your Company’s Multiple

Three Biggest Oops Inside Buy-Sell Agreements

10 Questions to Answer Before Replying to an Inquiry to Buy Your Company

Seven Situations to Consider Bringing in an Outside Investor

Our 6th Annual Offer: Complimentary, Confidential Exit Planning Consultation for your Business

The Recession is Coming! The Recession is Coming!

Why Exit Planning is Like a Box of Chocolates

Seven Requirements to Pull Off a Family Business Exit

10 Reasons Business Partnerships Fail

Seven Reasons Why Selling Just a Piece of Your Company Might Make Sense

Why There are Only Four Exit Strategies and the Danger of Not Knowing Yours

Three Reasons to Take the Surplus Cash Out of Your Company

Selling Your Company to Your Employee(s)? 5 Reasons to Investigate Selling to an Outside Buyer First

What Game of Thrones Teaches Business Owners About Preparing for Exit

The One Scientific Reason Many Business Owners Do Not Exit Happily

Seven Steps to Increase Your Company Value at Sale

Five Criteria for Selecting an Investment Banker

Why an Investment Banker is Like a Wedding Coordinator, and an Exit Planner is Like a Minister

Business Valuations: How to Select a Business Valuation Professional

Business Valuations: Business Valuation Methods

Business Valuations: How to Value a Business

Business Valuations: Why and When Do You Need One?

101 Questions to Help Business Owners Determine What to Do After Exit

Do You Really Need an Audit as Part of Your Exit Planning?

13 Things That Will Kill Your Exit Happiness

What’s More Important When Selling Your Company: Price or Terms?

Case Study: Larry Legacy Takes a Lesser Offer

Case Study: Ready-to-Sell Reggie

Tax Update for Business Owners: IRS Proposes No “Clawback” on Gift Taxes

How Much Is Your Company Worth According to Your Buy-Sell Agreement?

Why It May Seem Like Buyers Are Nuts Regarding Your Business’s Value

10 Reasons to Put Golden Handcuffs on Your Best Employees

10 Things Impacted by Your Business Exit

Need to Buy Out a Partner? The SBA Just Made This Easier

Are You Keeping Your Exit Plans a Secret?

A Holiday Miracle: New PPP Funds, Second Draw Loans & Tax Relief

ALERT! IRS Affirms Non-Deductibility of PPP-Funded Expenses

Company Sales Rebounding Despite COVID-19

Maximizing Company Value: Tracking EBITDA During COVID

PPP Loan Forgiveness Just Got Easier

PPP: Loan Forgiveness, Taxation, and Pitfalls

PPP Funds Replenished – What You Need to Know

PPP Confusion and Clarifications – Top 40 FAQs

How to Maximize Your PPP Funds

SPECIAL ALERT: Updated C.A.R.E.S Act Executive Summary with New PPP Information

SPECIAL ALERT: Forgivable SBA Loan Application Now Available

SPECIAL ALERT: $2 Trillion C.A.R.E.S Act Executive Summary

Business Response to the Coronavirus Crisis - $50 Billion from the SBA

Business Response to the Coronavirus Crisis - Tax-Free Aid for Employees

Business Response to the Coronavirus Crisis - Manage & Secure Cash

Take the Money Home This Year! (7 Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Withdraw More Money Out of the Company Prior to Exit)

A Special New Year’s Gift: Our Top (Free) Stuff from 2018

Why Exit Does Not (and Should Not) Mean Retirement

How Dirty Is Your Balance Sheet?

The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Are Making Right Now

Why Business Owners Don’t Like Long Vacations — and How to Change That

3 Financial Needs Business Owners Must Address to Exit Happily

The Simple Little Org Chart Can Produce Big Value at Your Exit

What 65,390 Swedish Startups Reveal About Finding Happiness After Exit

Our 5th Annual Free Consultation Offer

Ever Hear of ZBB? It Can Make You $$$

New Survey What It Feels Like to be a CEO Offers Exit Planning Insights

Unhappy with Your Business Partner? Here’s Why.

An Open Letter to Business Owners

Planning on Passing Your Business to the Kids? Consider Selling a Piece of It First

When It Comes to Exit, Do Not Go Out on Top

Nine Ways Buyers Have You at a Disadvantage When You Sell Your Company

How a Bag of FRITOS® Can Help You Plan Your Business Exit

Four Simple Questions to Train Your Team to Bring Solutions Rather than Problems

Do You Really Need a Successor CEO? Here’s How to Know...

Free Fourth of July Gifts from NAVIX

Own a Majority of Your Company and Think You’re in Control? Think Again...

Announcing Our New eBook: Your Last Five Years

Six Misconceptions About Business Valuations

9 Reasons to Unplug for Two Weeks

7 Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid When Discussing their Future Exit with Employees

Two (Surprising) Reasons Why Owners Need an Exit Plan

How One-Way Buy-Sell Agreements Help You Maintain Control When Selling Your Business to Your Employees

4 Key Questions to Determine Your Best Exit Strategy

Your Last Five Years: Where to Go From Here?

Your Last Five Years: How Exitable is My Company?

Your Last Five Years: What Do I Want to Do in Life After Exit?

Your Last Five Years: What Do I Want My Legacy to Be?

Your Last Five Years: How Much Do I Need to Net from My Exit to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Your Last Five Years: It is Crucial to Make the Right Turns When Determining Your Exit Strategy

Your Last Five Years: Why Starting Your Exit Planning is Critical with Only Five Years Left

12 Timely Questions the New Tax Laws Raise for Every Business Owner in America

Exit Planning Under the New Tax Laws: Should You Be a C-Corporation?

Three Free Resources to Learn About Exit Planning Under the New Tax Laws

Exit Planning Under the New Tax Laws: Passing Your Business to Family

Pursuing Financial Freedom Under the New Tax Laws

Special Alert: The New Tax Laws and How They Impact Business Owners and Exit Planning

Happy Holidays to you and yours...

Why Exit Plan Alignment Is So Often a Conundrum for Co-Owners

Why Is Goal Incompatibility Among Business Co-Owners at Exit Practically Inevitable?

The Passer’s Game Plan for a Winning Business Exit

Seven Steps to Creating Co-Owner Alignment for Business Exit

Exit Planning for Tomorrow Creates a Better Business Today

Why Must Business Co-Owners Collaborate on Exit Plans

7 Situations Where Business Owners Should Consider Bringing In Outside Investors

How to Reach Financial Freedom When You Sell, and How to Stay There

Steps That Will (Nearly) Always Maximize Value at Business Sale

Want to Buy Out a Partner? The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Planning to Pass Your Business to Your Family? Prepare to be Unfair

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business to an Inside Buyer

What Happens When the Music Stops?

Largest Video Learning Resource on Exit Planning 

Can One Exit Plan Save a Million Dollars, Twice?

The Best Deals Are The Ones You Don't Do

The 5 External Factors That Drive Your Business Value at Exit

Do I Have to Pay $10,000 Just to Find Out What My Business is Worth?

The Third Time's the Charm

Why Fair Does Not Mean Equal When It Comes to Family and Business

How Fast Does Your Business Need to Grow to Attract a Buyer?

How One Business Owner Reduced Financial Dependency on His Business

Five Reasons Why You Need to Work with a Professional Exit Planner

White Paper: The Exit Magic Number™ The Most Important Number to a Business Owner

Family, Fair and Equal a Potential Problem

Complimentary Due Diligence Checklist Tool

Complimentary Checklist Tool – 14 Steps to Building a Business Legacy

The Story of the Paralyzed Partners

Complimentary Checklist with 25 Tactics to Maximize the Value in Your Business

10 Benefits All Business Owners Need to Know About Retirement Plans

When Succession Plans Fail

A Must Read For Anybody Who Shares Ownership in a Business

Advice that Yielded an Extra $4 Million to One Client

12 Essential Criteria to Sell Your Business One Day to Your Employees or Partners

Free Tool to Assess If Your Business Will Be Ready One Day to Sell to an Outside Buyer

Free Tool To Assess If Your Business Will Be Ready To Be Passed One Day To A Family Member

The Only 4 Exit Strategies for Business Owners - Which One is Yours?

The Exit Planning Topic Nobody Wants to Hear About

Why Baby Boomer Business Owners are at Risk of Losing Value

Don't Want To Exit Your Business? Here's Why Getting Ready For Exit Is Still Critically Important

Step-by-Step Free Instructions to Avoid Costly Calculations in Your Exit Plan

Two Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Planning Your Exit

Which of the Four Exit Strategies is Yours?

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