Happy Holidays to you and yours...

By: Patrick Ungashick


As 2017 is wrapping up, 2018 soon begins. Like most business owners, it's time for each of us to look forward to the challenges and opportunities the new year brings.

If you have a few minutes to spare over the holidays, we've packaged two complimentary eBooks for you to choose from. Each provides some light reading on the evergreen topic of how to best plan for your business exit someday.

One is for business co-owners and the other is for any business owner, sole owner or co-owner. And they are both FREE and ready for download now.

Actually, you can choose both eBooks if you're interested. And again, from one business owner to another, Happy Holidays!


The Co-Owner's Conundrum

Achieving Exit Alignment Among Business Co-Owners

Exit plan alignment is often a conundrum for co-owners. Put two or more business co-owners together, and it is virtually inevitable that they will have different exit goals. 

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The Exit Magic Number™

The Most Important Number to a Business Owner

Your Exit Magic Number is the most important number to you as a business owner. It calculates the net amount you need to achieve financial freedom after you exit your business. It may assume you don’t need a paycheck anymore, whether you retire or not.

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