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Review and download the following complimentary articles and tools to help you plan for and achieve your successful exit.

NAVIX Exit Plan Assessment

Is your current exit planning sufficient and on track? Are you missing anything? How do you know? The NAVIX Exit Plan Assessment is a tool to help you define the 15 most important areas that an exit plan needs to address. Use this tool to quickly audit your existing exit plan, or to assist you in getting started with your exit planning.

Exit Magic Number eBook

Your Exit Magic Number is the most important number to you as a business owner. It calculates the net amount you need to achieve financial freedom after you exit your business. It may assume you don’t need a paycheck anymore, whether you retire or not. Most owners don’t know their Number and most financial advisors miscalculate it. It has nothing to do with your business’s value; if your business’s value is how much you have, your Exit Magic Number is how much you need. Refer to this white paper to understand the importance and process of calculating the Exit Magic Number, to guide you in determining yours.

The 7 End Zone Questions Worksheet

There are seven questions that business owners need to answer to dance in the end zone and achieve exit success. Answering these questions reduces wasted time, eliminates risk and avoids expensive financial mistakes. Use this tool to help you define your exit-planning course of action, and to track progress between now and your inevitable exit.

Value Drivers List

Transferable Value refers to intangible conditions within your company, unrelated to revenues or profits, which make it easier, less costly and less risky for a buyer or successor to continue and capitalize on the business going forward. If a potential buyer perceives that your business’s value cannot be safely and cost-effectively transferred, then that party is not likely to write a significant check relative to the financial value you receive from the business. And it’s not just about the money—your business legacy is also at risk if the business has low areas of Transferable Value. This tool lists 25 areas within a business that may enhance or weaken value, independent of the business’s results in revenues and profits. Consult the list to identify areas for improvement and strengths within the business.

Download the Value Drivers List
Download the
Value Drivers List
Employee Buy-In Letter

Do you have one or more employees who have expressed an interest in buying some of your business? The following letter template can be used to formulate with your employee the criteria you have for buying into the business, and the approach you may be following. Download this tool, consult with your advisors, and then customize the contents to fit your situation. Provide your letter to your employees to advance the dialogue in a thoughtful and clear manner.

Emergency Guidance Letter

One of the simplest and most effective risk management tools if something should happen to you is an Emergency Guidance Letter. This is your way to let family and top employees know what to do with the business if you cannot tell them yourself. We rarely meet owners who have this device, yet if something happens, it can be as important as any insurance policy. To draft your letter, download this template. Then consult with your advisors and devise simple but clear guidance on these and any other issues you feel are important. Make sure the letter is stored in a place where trusted employees or close family members will know to access it in the event of an emergency.

Educational Webinars

Each of the following complimentary webinars presents an in-depth look at an important topic within your exit planning needs.

How to Know When to Sell

What You’ll Learn

  • How to determine when it’s time to sell
  • What “ready” looks like
  • If it’s important to time the market
Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business to an Inside Buyer
What Should You Do with All Those Unsolicited Buyout Offers?
Exit Planning for Family Businesses: Fair is Not Equal and Equal is Not Fair
Want to Buy Out a Partner? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Maximizing the Value of Your Company

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