Exit Planning Educational Video Series

The NAVIX Education Video Library is divided in to nine categories. The first video in each category is presented below. If you would like to unlock the rest of the Library, just complete the free registration form within any of the first videos.

  1. Getting Started On Your Exit Planning:

Why are Owners So Unprepared for Exit?

  1. Increasing Your Company’s Value:

What is Transferrable Value?

  1. Understanding Company Valuation:

How Much is My Company Worth?

  1. Achieving Your Financial Goals at Exit:

How Much is Your Exit Magic Number?

  1. You and Your Business Co-Owners:

The Critical Issue of Co-Owner Alignment

  1. Involving Your Employees:

Should You Discuss Your Exit with Your Employees?

  1. Time and Your Exit:

How Long Have You Been Telling Yourself You are Going to Exit from Your Business in the Next 5 to 10 Years?

  1. More About You:

Baby Boomer Business Owners

  1. Working with Advisors:

Who is On Your Exit Planning Team?

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